3 So simple, So simple Steps to the ABC’s and 123’s of MLM

3 A breeze, Not hard Steps to the ABC’s and 123’s of MLM what is multilevel marketing

Hey it’s Ray.

What exactly is Mlm marketing

I get asked “What is Multilevel Marketing” all the time.

So I thought I would take a moment to break it down and explain Exactly what is Work from home.

So within this video, I am going to teach you 3 very short, sweet and simple steps to understanding the ABC’s and 123’s of What Is Network marketing.

Essentially, Home business, MLM, or Multi level marketing, by definition and simply put, is a type of business opportunity this is certainly very fashionable with both of your women and men and dads and moms, who’re wanting a part-time, flexible businesses.

Now, that’s not to say there are no full timers. But usually, part timers are drawn and consumed by this industry most often.

So lets get started with #1

The 1st step in understanding What’s Multilevel marketing, is always to understand or know Network marketing business is not really your typical business.

And what I mean by this is simply that the, Internet marketing does not require you to open any physical storefront or have a location; Web based merchandising it does not need you to hire employees or stock pile products at your residence or garage.

Not like we used to do back in the way back in the day :).

Is, Mlm marketing is the exact opposite of all of that!

And here’s why:

Step 2 within this Just what is Online marketing video.

Like I said, Web based merchandising is not just like your typical home jobs. Instead of opening a store front, you can work your products, from your the comfort of your own house, inside your pajamas and slippers, in a home office office, onto your smartphone, on a plane heading to Paris or from the sandy beaches of a Caribbean island.

To sum up, you can earn from anywhere!

As well as, instead of hiring employees, Multilevel Marketers simply employ tools such as Electronic campaigns, Email autoresponders, Online sites, Capture Pages, and Free Social media to help build their businesses.

And you can forget about stock piling products.

Now a days, your customers can purchase directly on the web, from your website or they can call a friendly customer service representative on a toll free 800#, provided by your merchandise, to place an order!

Most MLM companies provide their business reps with Websites for marketing their businesses, for a nominal fee.

Essentially, The network marketing industry supplies you with the freedom to BE anywhere and WORK anywhere in the world.


And with the right tools, you can place your entire Multilevel Marketing business on Autopilot!

And last but not least, step 3.

The last question in, Exactly what is Network marketing?

Simply put, the network marketing industry is a very powerful and extremely flexible, global net based trade and eCommerce system that can be started and built by anyone.

Whatever education, background, status or profession.

It’s a business, that if properly built, can create, what’s called Residual rewards or Residual income.

The Residuals might be passed down generationally to children, grandchildren, their children and so on and so on.

Can you guys, imagine the power of creating a legacy and heritage for your family.

A Dynasty if you will.

Those are some of the motivations of our fellow Network marketing business friends.

Others, well others just love spreading the opportunity, sharing the products and stories, while creating an additional variety primary or supplemental income.

Oh, and all of this can be accomplished on what’s called Autopilot.

That’s right, I said autopilot.

Your Multilevel Marketing business continues to be designed to take advantage of the Internet.

But your business needs your individual help to put a few key systems in place on how to really rev up performance and rewards.

The tree basic elements of an Multilevel Autopilot Marketing System are:

1) Marketing via email + 2) an internet site + and 3) Free Interpersonal Marketing which equals what I’d like to call, an Autopilot Multilevel Marketing Business!


So first, we learned today that your current Network marketing is indeed so simply, a type of business opportunity this is certainly popular with both males and females and people, who are seeking out a part-time, flexible businesses.

Second, we learned that Multi-level marketing seriously is not like your typical business at all.

There’s no huge upfront start up costs; There’s No Employees to Hire or Products to stock and sale. It’s a true Online Global Business.

And last, but not least, we learned that third, Mlm marketing can be a powerful global over the internet eCommerce system.

If built correctly, these businesses can become quite profitable. With associated with age work, these businesses can be placed on Autopilot and even handed down to family members as a legacy or inheritance.

I hope you enjoyed this video and hopefully I helped explain What’s Network marketing business.

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